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what is Fine Art Wedding Photography? 

I describe myself as a Fine Art Wedding Photographer, and it has become a well used term in the Wedding Industry but I am sure it is not immediately clear to a lot of couples what this really means. 

Fine Art Wedding Photography is essentially a soft and natural style of photography, capturing all the exquisite details of your special day.

Fine Art Wedding Photographers aim to emulate the mood and style of Fine Art (often used to describe paintings) in their photography style. I use my experience as a wedding photographer of 9 years, creative eye and talent for artful composition to create elegant and timeless photographs that tell the story of your beautiful day. 

what-is-fine-art-wedding-photography. a Mid-Summer Wedding at Syon Park, a couple embrace in the courtyard, holding a beautiful bouquet

Why Choose a Fine Art Wedding Photographer?

But why might this style of wedding photography and these photographs be the perfect fit for your wedding? If it is important to you that the organic, intimate and natural moments of your wedding are perfectly captured and turned into beautiful memories then you will need to work with a storyteller photographer who is attentive to these details. My couples often feedback that I am kind and respectful, allowing a wedding day to be about the two people at the centre of it. This is to ensure that your wedding photographs are a personal expression of your love story and will be treasured for the rest of your lives together. Of course I will also capture group photographs but I have a number of tricks to keep this fun and relaxed without taking up too much time or creating stress.

What About the Details?

If you want a stylish aesthetic to your wedding photos to include meticulously curated shots of your exquisite wedding details, then the light and airy style of Fine Art Photography is the perfect choice for you. From capturing the delicate fabric of your dress to highlighting the details on your wedding invitations, I take huge pride in showcasing every beautiful and unique design element of your special day. I include stunning flat lays of your wedding details, as well as images of any heirloom mementos from your families and handwritten letters from your love.

what-is-fine-art-wedding-photography? a couple kiss in hazy sunshine

What is it like to Work with Me?

Whenever possible, I utilise the beauty of natural light to create a soft and romantic atmosphere in your photographs. Natural light creates soft shadows and is flattering and especially ideal for couple portraits. My approach to portraits is to portray your unique energy and love for each other, so I offer only gentle guidance where needed. More importantly, I create space for you to interact naturally with each other, knowing I am there to capture the unscripted moments that are filled with genuine emotion.

What Will the Photographs Look Like?

Fine art wedding photography also has a distinctive editing style that is soft and romantic. Within this genre of photographers you will find some differentiation in how photographers use colour from quite washed out at one end of the scale to a sepia vintage tinge at the other. I prefer to keep my colour range true-to-life, to be accurate in my depiction of skin colour, but also to be sympathetic to colours of florals and other design details. As well as using modern digital cameras, I will often (if requested) use analogue film cameras because I especially love the timeless aesthetic of film. If you would like to know more about this, please see this article or mention it when getting in touch.   

My Role as a Fine Art Wedding Photographer

As your fine art wedding photographer, my role extends beyond just taking pictures. I tell the story of your wedding day through a stunningly visual narrative. I help your wedding day to unfold organically, capturing the candid moments, celebrations, and romantic intimate occasions that make your love story unique.

Thank you so much, Helen. These are gorgeous! there are so many great ones to choose from

what-is-fine-art-wedding-photography? a black and white photo of a bride and groom walking away from the camera in Central London

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If you envision elegant, romantic fine art wedding images that capture your personality and highlight the luxury details of your special day, then I might be a good fit to be your wedding photographer. 

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a Mid-Summer Wedding at Syon Park, a floral arrangement in the great hall