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Reasons to Choose a Film Photographer for Your Wedding

As a London-based fine art photographer, I use both digital and analogue film cameras to capture weddings and shoots. There are benefits to both but I understand that many people may be less familiar with film photography so I am always happy to explain the differences and what you can expect from either on your wedding day or shoot.

English Manor House Wedding - a bride and groom embrace in the garden at West Horsley Place Manor. There is long grass and it is Summer. He strokes her hair and she leans in close to him

Here are my top 5 reasons

why you should consider choosing a film photographer to capture your story

Brympton House Wedding on Film - the house and terrace seen from the lawn

I focus on capturing the deep connections and authentic moments between couples. the timeless aesthetic produced by film cameras is especially well suited to this 

Film wedding photography is thankfully a little more common today than in recent years, as more photographers and couples are rediscovering it’s beauty. It is however, far from just a trend; it’s a skilled and historic method of capturing the unedited experience, genuine moments and true colours that are a faithful representation of your day. 

reasons to choose a film photographer for your wedding. An image showing the true to life colours from film photography


True-to-Life Colours

The most apparent difference between film and digital photography is in the resulting colours. 

Film is able to depict an enormous range, from the soft colours of winter haze to the strong saturated tones of California sunshine, film will show you it all, and in doing so, bring the atmosphere along with it too. So if you have carefully chosen your wedding aesthetic, you can be sure that photographs captured with film will be sympathetic.


Intentional photography

Every click of the shutter is an intentional act, a carefully crafted composition that reflects my skill and personal artistic photography. Each roll of film has a finite number of frames that can be captured, this means that every image counts, each frame is composed with care and I wait for the intended image. 

Digital cameras offer an immediate preview of the image captured, and it can be very tempting to engage with the back of the camera, to check ‘did I get it’. This is not possible with film cameras and so there are no distractions, it is easier to concentrate on capturing the moment, on the intricate details happening in front of me and I therefore ‘did I get it’ becomes much less of a worry. This mindful approach results in photographs that are not just snapshots, but miniature works of art, capturing the essence of a fleeting moment with exquisite detail.

reasons to choose a film photographer for your wedding. A photograph of a couple kissing in hazy sunlight to show a timeless aesthetic


A Timeless Aesthetic

I believe there is a certain romance to film photography that simply can’t be replicated with a digital camera. Film has a much greater tonal range than digital sensors, so highlights and very dark shadows have smooth transitions and much more detail. It is much less likely that images will have ‘blown highlights’ or crunchy shadows and they also therefor need much less editing afterwards; what you see is much more what you get. And what you do get is rich colours; beautiful detail in the foreground and compressed backgrounds for lovely depth; grain that makes the image feel more tangible and present. All of these qualities make for stunning tactile, printed photographs.


Efficiency and Intentionality meets Beauty

Contrary to popular belief, opting for film photography can actually be more efficient in some cases. When I capture your wedding day on a film camera there’s no need to sift through thousands of digital images and edit each one as your film photos are carefully curated at the time of taking the shot. If you are excited to see your wedding photos then this approach to wedding photography is a more streamlined option meaning the turnaround time for your full gallery can be quicker allowing you to relive your special day sooner. 

reasons to choose a film photographer for your wedding. a photograph of a bride and groom holding hands - the quiet moments captured with authenticity


Unparalleled Authenticity

In a world dominated by smartphones, filters and digital cameras, film photography offers a level of authenticity that is unmatched by anything else. The tactile nature of film, the subtle imperfections, the unmistakable grain – these are the wonderful traits and celebrations of the imperfections that make film photos stand out from the crowd. 

As your film wedding photographer, I’m fully present in every moment and completely immersed in capturing your genuine emotions and interactions so you end up with photos brimming with personality, natural smiles and real laughter. 

More than Film

While film photography offers countless benefits, you may like to consider having both film and digital photos for your wedding. This dual approach not only provides added security for your cherished memories but also offers a diverse range of perspectives and styles of photos for you to choose from. Film photography is an incredible choice for capturing your wedding day in an authentic and romantic style, but you might also prefer the peace of mind of having digital photos as well. The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds as I offer both film & digital fine art wedding photography, carefully matching the colours of my digital images to the film. This way, you can have the artistic beauty of film alongside the security of digital images.

Choosing a film photographer for your wedding is a big decision as they will be narrating and telling the story of your wedding. You need to be able to connect to your photographer and their style of photography to ensure your wedding photos are what you imagined they would be. 

We truly felt the commitment and passion you have for your job. Going for photos was a pleasure not a burden.

reasons to choose a film photographer for your wedding. a couple stand holding hands at their wedding, the colours are vivid and deep, as captured on film

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If you are dreaming of a wedding day infused with timeless elegance, un-posed and natural romantic poses, then I might be the perfect film photographer for you.

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A Garden Wedding Photographed on Film - a bride and groom relax on a garden bench