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Film Photography

An Engagement shoot at Somerleyton Estate, Suffolk

roses and rain…

I met J & I for their couples shoot at one of the finest Stately homes in the UK. Captured on a combination of medium format film and digital

an engagement shoot at somerleyton estate suffolk, a couple dressed in black embrace in front of an archway. a black and white photograph
an engagement shoot at somerleyton estate suffolk, pink roses in the rain photographed on medium format film
an engagement shoot at somerleyton estate suffolk, a couple dressed in black sit together peacefully on a white bench in the sunken garden

film photography

An Engagement shoot
at Somerleyton Estate, Suffolk

I am always happy to explore a new garden for a photography shoot but could not have dreamt of a more beautiful location for this engagement shoot, than at Somerleyton Estate, Suffolk. With a history stretching back to the 17th Century, Somerleyton’s gardens run to 12 acres and they have long been on my wish list as a romantic setting for a shoot so when J & I booked me for their couples shoot, I was quick to suggest I travel out towards them in Suffolk.

The weather was not kind to us, and so we spent some time waiting out the rain in the lovely cafe, chatting and getting to know each other. I had planned on a few areas of the garden that would give us a little shelter from the rain – it is rare that garden designers have not planned on including these in the UK – but luckily the showers did pass and we were also able to wander more freely.

When photographing couples portraits I aim to include a number of different settings to give a bit of variety to backdrops but also because how we move and where we stand or sit affects body language so much. The archways and doorways in the rose garden offered the perfect frame for a romantic swooping kiss and J & I fully embraced the fun of dodging the raindrops.

The sunken white garden, had historically been a covered Winter garden but is now a gloriously intimate space, centred around a lilly pond. Planted in shades of white and green only, and often used for wedding receptions, the white benches were a restful spot for J & I to sit together and I love the sense of reflective peace in these images. I always aim to create a non pressurised space with my couples for them to interact together naturally and the gentle energy from this lovely couple was a joy to capture.

The majestic West Front of the house, with formal landscaping (which would also look incredible for wedding portraits) gave us more options for closely cropped intimate portraits, using the archways to frame their hugs, and the nearby steps with their stunning pink roses were irresistible for another seated kiss. Thank you so much J & I for trusting me in suggesting these spots, you were a dream to photograph.

Most of these images are shot on medium format analogue film and show how even an overcast day can look magical on film, with impactful colours, second-to-none detail and creamy soft backgrounds. The softness of the rainy Summer’s day creating a romance perfect for an engagement shoot.

If you would like to discuss a couples shoot (you don’t have to be getting married!) please get in touch via my contact page.


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