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A family shoot at Kenwood House

a relaxed and fun

family shoot near Hampstead Heath to celebrate a milestone in this family’s years together

A family shoot at Kenwood House hampstead heath, a family sit together on a pretty bench
A family shoot at Kenwood House hampstead heath, an image of the cream coloured Kenwood house in the sunshine
A family shoot at Kenwood House hampstead heath, a couple kiss in front of the gardener's cottage

london family shoot

A family shoot at Kenwood House,
Hampstead Heath

When K contacted me to chat about an updated family shoot I was so happy to come up with a number of suggestions for locations before we settled on holding their family shoot at Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath. When it comes to family shoots the most important consideration for me is to make sure we’ve found somewhere that the children will be happy. I approach all my shoots from the angle of allowing my couples or families to be themselves, so that the photographs are the most natural and relaxed possible. And of course young children have their own needs that are really important we take into account. Snacks are essential!

We discussed being somewhere outdoors to allow the kids to run about, somewhere familiar to them so as to not be overwhelming and also somewhere with a nice range of backgrounds before finally settling on the grounds of Kenwood House and Hampstead Heath. We aimed for a weekday to avoid crowds and to not impact on other members of the public.

It might be surprising to hear that the aesthetics of the shoot come second to those priorities but a good photographer will know how to make the best of a location and to give you flattering images with a light and airy feel. Selecting the time of day is a big help of course and seeking out open shade is another. The gorgeous creamy backdrop by the bench was sheltered from the sun so the shadows were gentle and soft and for walking shots we opted for a tree lined path which was pretty and without harsh shadows, and also quiet from other people so we could take our time and be unobtrusive. The open spaces of the lawns near the house and also with the lake and bridge in the background gave us even more variety to play with, and space for the kids to have a little time out if needed.

I loved this families co-ordinated outfits for this shoot. It’s not essential at all but it does give a lovely limited colour palette to the portraits which means that no one person dominates the photographs more that the others. The interaction between the family is the focus of the images instead. Some fun props like this picnic blanket and bubbles are also always worth including, just to give a nice distraction to the kids and to keep the photographs natural and relaxed.

I have families who I have photographed year after year, especially when the children are young, and I love documenting these milestones in their lives. If you would like to discuss a family shoot, please do get in touch via my contact page.


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